Creative & Art Director




THE idea :

The idea was to create the first “wild sales” ever. The aim is allowing people to shop from wherever they want. It could be in the middle of nowhere, far away from loud cities and urban noises, but also in their backyard or a public park. These days, sales are beginning to look like the new era of hunting and we want humans to experience them in nature.

THE brief :

Founded in France in 1853, Aigle’s roots reaches deep into the earth and the sea. Wearing Aigle fulfills our need to experience the freedom of nature, and to discover all the pleasures and sensations it has to offer. Aigle’s ambition is to help people live in harmony with nature. The task was to demonstrate this ambition in a unique and innovative way.




Thanks to a partnership with Shazam people can scan every noise of nature. Birds, frogs, the rain or even the wind. 

The idea is to collect a maximum of this sounds and use them to generate a very advantageous discount voucher.


in the city :

For the app to be used successfully in an urban environment, the idea was to build panoramic displays throughout the city that would livestream pictures and sounds of nature.

Every sound you can hear are Shazamable and will give you new discount vouchers for the nearest Aigle shop in your town or for the e-shop.

a mockingbird would give you 20% OFF !