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Since Greece’s debt crisis began in 2010, most international banks and foreign investors have sold their Greek bonds, and the European Union is becoming increasingly strict with the Greece inhabitants. How could this relation go back to normal ? 

THE idea :

The Greeks need to reconstruct trusting relationships with the European Union. They need support, and not just financially. The idea is for all the citizens in the European Union to become aware of the Greek cause and provide them with the tools to get involved.



Greece needs the European Union just as much as the European Union needs Greece.

Since what is happening in Greece is becoming a tragedy, why not build a global campaign like an antique tragedy in five acts ?



Acte i :


A tragedy usually begins with a prologue, in which one or more characters introduces the drama and explains the background of the ensuing story. 

Who would be a better spokesman for the Greek people than their world-renowned antique statues ? The idea in this act is to put interactive video-mapping installations throughout Europe's biggest cities and let the statues explains the situation in Greece to the Europeans. 



In the Greek Tragedy the prologue is most of the time followed by the arrival of a disruptive element.

Here in Europe, we live with everyday evidences of Greek’s cultural omnipresence but very few people are aware... That being said, the idea was to shake up everyone's perspective by covering all signs of Greek culture with paper and asking Europeans if they remember what was beneath.

In the third act the characters are typically seeking a solution to overcome the previous disruptive element.

In this act, the aim is to inform Europeans about the Acte V project by launching a massive print campaign in Europe's largest cities.

ACTE Iii :



In ancient Greek tragedies, the fourth act lets the characters take action.

After the print campaign, we are launching a digital platform that allows the Europe inhabitants to show their support to the Greek community in three different ways :

Support : Do you want to express yourself? Speak from the heart? Do not hesitate! They aren't only words, it's quite the opposite! Show your support to the Greek. Your words become their strength !  

Donate : Support the projects made for the Greek people. Reopening of a school? Restoring a site that is classified as antique? All of the projects are worth it; it is up to you to make your contribution. Let us build a better Europe together.

Act : Do you adhere to the values that Act V fights for and wish to put more than money to this initiative ? Discover a multitude of missions and come to take part !


Historically the fifth act is the conclusion of the tragedy. Let's just hope that  this conclusion will be a positive one.


With : Sophie Apkarian - Mapping : Golem x Apollo - Wrapping : Peter Drew